Kate Middleton: Princess or Style Diva

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton


The would-be bride of Prince Williams, Kate Middleton, has already become a style diva. Within months of appearing on public scene, she has become darling of fashion designers. Everything what she wears becomes style and raises interest in masses. Some insight into what has made her a style icon is presented here.

Her Black Coat dress from Libelula, Wrap dress from Brazilian label Issa and evening gowns are hit. Why she has managed to get so much limelight which was reserved for Michelle Obama till few months? Probably because the ease with which she supports anything she wears, including off-the rack material.

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton


Some designers credit her style to her taste in well established fashion brands. This essentially underscores the point that you have got to spend few bucks to get noticed. Her black coat dress from Libelula managed to create big hoopla. This is because some designers were not comfortable with what future British queen is wearing. Nevertheless, she looked amazing and graceful in that outfit as well.

Quite amusingly, she was recently spotted along with her mother while she was busy bargaining for her dresses. Some designers are particularly interested in her strategy after getting married. Too much is being said already about her comparison with Lady Diana, who happened to be paparazzi favorite before her tragic death.

And, sales of souvenirs of her engagement, such as t-shirts, dolls and even baseball caps, has picked up already. These items are in demand, both at nearby shops and online stores.

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Lingerie secrets of Kim Kardashian

Glamour February cover is graced by Kim Kardashian sporting hot La Perla bra and Tom Ford pajama, which is worth around $2000. The secret is out; Kim Kardashian goes to bed with underwires! She happened to share a couple of more secrets with Glamour.

She prefers bra and matching thong in the day and shifts to racy laces during the evening. While resting at home, she wears comfortable, loose pieces. However, nothing boxy, she says.

Come August 2011 and we will have a new clothing line from Kim and her sisters. Expect something sexy, saucy and racy, in Kim style!

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What is in plus size lingerie that made it so popular

Taste of women in lingerie has even baffled the most expert economists around the world. A full feminine figure is in vogue these days, at least as per the sales figures and Internet based search trends.

Plus size lingerie is going to be the focal point of talk at the Salon International de la Lingerie, France. But how can be the surge in sales figures of this type of lingerie justified in the backdrop of the recession?

This trend is seen whenever a major crisis strikes mankind. Today’s women want to enjoy themselves. They enjoy their natural curves and are more acceptable of not being too thin.

Black happens to be the color in vogue for bras, the ultimate color of seduction. Thongs push up bras and bullet bras – all are in high demand these days. Quite interestingly, the renewed in burlesque is being credited with the increase in demand of this type of lingerie.

Salon International de la Lingerie, France is expected to draw over 20000 buyers from around the world. Over 550 manufacturers will be vying for attention of buyers.

These brands will include the who’s who of fashion world including Triumph International, Wacoal and others.

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Lingerie Trends for the year 2011

2011 will be a feminine year, as predicted by prominent personalities related to fashion. So, what are the trends that we are going to witness in lingerie in 2011? Coral, soft pastel blush, teal, mint green and sapphire are going to be in this year.

Mint Color in Lingerie

Mint Color in Lingerie

Silk will be the material in vogue this year with silk chiffon, silk satin etc coming to the fore. For plus size lingerie, watch out for the brands like Alegro and Two Figs. Alegro lingerie can be found at Amazon or Alegro Website.

Another brand worth mentioning is Two Figs. Though this brand is relatively new, the silky nightgowns and lounge pants are already hit. Another brand, Hanky Panky has got an exhaustive collection of lingerie for all sizes.

Other upcoming brands include Cervin, Pretty Polly and Lola Haze. Calvin Klein too, has unleashed its underwear collection for 2011 and released a smoldering calendar as well. It deserves a complete post and features in the next post by Fashion Snoop.

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Getting dressed this winter season – leggings and knits

Winter this year has thrown up some pretty interesting trends. Retro styles are blending neatly with contemporary ones resulting in stylish but wearable clothes. Military coats inspired by fashion of 60s, feminine and soft laces, short skirts and long maxis are every where to be seen. Curvy, feminine and classic: every sort of cloth is being worn by women these days.

Leggings remain popular and break some set rules of fashion. These are comfortable and fashion forecasters can’t make the mistake of ignoring this impeccable garment. Leggings make a comeback and that too, with a bang. Animal prints, bolds, stripes and graphics are printed over them in all sorts of shades like dull and bright ones. These are available in plenty of options including Lycra, nylon, net and woolen.

The leggings need to be combined with a loose top and contrasting silhouette. Military coats, belted sweaters and flower print tops can make great combination with them. Add to the sexiness by wearing a short skirt over them. Flat footwear is to be avoided with them, but you can go for high heeled sandals.

Avoid wearing leggings along with tight tops regardless of the type of your figure. This can make you look dowdy.

Knits are the fancier avatar of sweaters, but were not considered cool enough few years back. Knitted dresses like coats, skirts, leggings and so on are increasingly being worn by everyone. Numerous shades have hit the markets and ought to be checked out. One may find knitwear in all colors of the rainbow.

These need to be worn casually and knits can be paired with knits. One may look too casual with combination of knits, but OK if at times. Some women don’t prefer wearing knits with knits. They can go for combination of knits and non-knits. These blend too well with denim-wear.

Beige, blue, white and grey are the most preferred options for skirts, coats and sweaters. Colorful combinations are best for knit tops.

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Getting dressed this winter season

Recently snooped on paparazzi darling Kim Kardashian sporting a neatly crafted bun. Getting dressed in this winter season has become fun and interesting with some cool styles in vogue. Let us discuss how to sport some of these.

 Sporting a bun, Kim style

 Get a good hair spray gel and spray it on your hair. Dry out the hair with a blower and while doing this, run your fingers through them. After drying the hair, get them into a ponytail on head’s top. Now, it is the time for dividing it into two and tying them into a knot. Finish the bun by wrapping the hair on a base. Try cool pins for making them stick on to their place.

 Getting a braided headband

Start by prepping the hair with a good hair cream and brush through it well. Part a side and follow it with creating a braid, French style. Work out the hair in a diagonal direction. The braid needs to be fastened with pins. Remaining hair can be made to cascade for a cool, sexy look.

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Outfits for plus sized women

Many Plus sized women tend to be insecure about their looks. There is a concern among a number of them regarding slimness of their friends and their own weight. The first thing that these women need to understand is that they can still look gracious while being overweight.

Here are some tips to find the right set of clothes for them.

A wrap dress can be a good option for them. Such dress enhances their look by focusing on the right set of curves. It is wrapped around the waistline and a ribbon is used to complete the look. Women can choose the dress to be a long one or a knee length one.

Different types of fabrics and colors are available in these dresses. Plenty of evening gowns available for plus sized women which can be tried out.

Amazon houses a number of such dresses and these  can be checked out.

More on plus size lingerie in future posts.

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